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New site is up!

hey there!
iv finally got around putting up a website for my work so that you dont have to look at them on frikin myspace all the time. so hopfully this site will be more suitable and easier to look through.

fortunatly had some help constructing this site from josh on creepmachine.com which he was evry helpful to lend a hand puttin this site up so thank :D.

anyways here are some new stuff iv done from last months exhibition on phonebooth gallery, you can check there site out on http://www.phoneboothgallery.com. and also past work that iv done during my college illustration corse.
at the moment im in the phillipines so i can only upload a few of my work as i dont have a scanner here and also my portfolio n work is at home. but when i get back ill sort the images out n hopfully post them on here.

at the moment im working on more better and bigger pieces for future exhibition coming up this year.
im also up for doing commision work for anyone, so if there are any people who want any paintings, or illustrations done or cd cover deisgns then im free to do comissions.



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To the new portfolio page of Iain Macarthur. Please have a look around.

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